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Social Media and How it Affects the World Today

In today’s social media world where everything is done online, having a website for your company is important. The problem is, how will people know about your website? Amidst millions and maybe even billions of websites already operating, how will yours rise above the rest? Social media marketing and SEO techniques will be able to help you and your website out. Whether it’s using mobile marketing or other social media marketing strategies, it is a fact that SEO will make a big difference. Learn about how social media affects the world today, Orlando social media marketing experts, and getting your website get known.

Ranking of Your Website

Your website ranking is important for search engines to be able to display your site at the top of its search results. The higher your ranking is, the better. There are a lot of ways to help increase and better your website’s ranking. Social media marketing and SEO techniques are just two ways to do so. Using various social media networks and mobile apps to help increase likes, shares, follows, and +1’s of your website will be of great value. Social media marketing experts will be able to help you increase them for you.

Shares, Likes, Mentions, Followers, and +1 Activities

Social media greatly affects our world today. With Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ alone, more and more businesses are being affected either in a positive or negative manner. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to succeed, getting at least these three social media networks to work positively for your would be beneficial. Getting a lot of shares, likes, mentions, followers, and +1 activities would increase your popularity in a good way.


Blogs are also sweeping the World Wide Web today. With authorities discussing about anything and everything, if your website gets mentioned often, then more and more people would get to know your website, services, and products. This is a good way for your website to get more traffic and attract more clients. Take advantage of this SEO technique and get more success for your website and business.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Both social media marketing experts and mobile marketing experts can help you improve your reputation and website standing. Because social media is a big part of today’s world, getting experts that will help you become more popular in the WWW will greatly affect your business. Experts like LWG Social Media Marketing for example will be able to do reputation management, reputation repair, mobile marketing, and other SEO techniques to help bring more traffic to your business website. With experienced people personally handling accounts such as Lena Wasserman, you know you’re in good hands. LWG Social Media Marketing also has mobile marketing experts who can do effective mobile marketing for your company.

Social media greatly affects the world today. Almost everyone takes to the internet to search for their needs. This is the reason why both small and large businesses need to capitalize on social media marketing to help their companies grow and succeed.

Lena Wasserman shows business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


5 Super Tips for the Super Facebook User

There are many ways to become a Facebook expert without having to avail of those costly membership sites and time consuming tutorials. You can easily become a “Power User” by following these 5 easy tips. Whether it’s for your personal use or for managing your Facebook pages, it’s simple and super easy to accomplish.
1. Browsing and uploading images on Facebook has never been this easy with the new changes Facebook has opened its social networking world to. In order for you to see your images more highly defined and in a larger scale, all you have to do is click on the image you want to see and hover over your mouse until you see a floating menu underneath which includes an “Options” button which can allow you to view your picture on a full screen mode. It will be easier for you to read the text within the images or more specific details of your photos. Once you’re done viewing it, you can hit the ESC button or the “X” button on the upper right portion of your image. Also, you can choose to upload high resolution photos by clicking on the High Quality box upon uploading, it may take longer than your standard upload but it will definitely be worth the wait.
2. You can manage what your viewing public sees by adjusting the settings on your Account Settings which is located on the upper portion near the Home button. There is a drop down menu that you can click on and you will find yourself headed to your account settings. In there, you can go to you Apps and click Edit. When you click edit, you will be able to adjust which apps you can allow your friends to see. This is a very good tool for those who have certain groups and lists so that you can easily manipulate what type of information is readily available for these certain group of people, e.g. Business Contacts will only view everything pertaining to your posts about your product or service. How you create this group or lists will be explained in the next tip.
3. In order to create your list, you must go to your homepage and on the left side portion you will see the Interests area. Once you’ve found that spot, you will be able to Add Interests by clicking on that tab and from there you can add any group, page or person that suits the criteria of your desired list. With this, you can choose whether to make these privately accessible to you or you can change it to a public mode where people can look through it.
4. Another new innovation by Facebook is the ability for you to add a location to your posts. Through this, you can add photos to your map to make it more entertaining and interesting viewing experience. By going to you profile page, click on Maps and you will then see an Add Photos to Map on the upper right hand side.
5. When you post images on your Timeline, little know of the actual option of being able to reposition your photo according to how you want it to appear to your Facebook friends. This is very helpful for banners or posters where the text can be more visible compared to the empty space of insignificant icons that pop out as a default position. You can do this by clicking on the Edit pencil icon on your photo and a drop down menu will give you many options including the Reposition Photo. From there you can drag your mouse over the photo to adjust it to the best possible public view.

Lena Wasserman teaches business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Facebook and Art of Smart Lists

Facebook seems to be only getting better with age. Although some may seem dazed and confused about the seemingly constant changes, but a little Facebook 101 education thanks to frequent experimentation and information shared by the staff of Facebook, soon you’ll find yourself in a new and improved social networking playground.

Among the new changes, there is the innovation of the “Lists” and with a couple of research to back me up on this, here we have a more comprehensive guide on Facebook Lists.

First off, you’re probably wondering where the lists are and what its importance is. You can access your “Smart Lists” as Facebook refers to by hovering on the Friends section on the left side of your homepage and by tapping on More. The reason why these lists are called smart lists is because Facebook has pre-filled certain categories according to how they see your interactions with certain people fit. There is are ready made and empty lists such as: Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Restricted list. In there you can add people accordingly and soon you’ll see that those in your Close Friends group enable you to see almost all updates about their respective timelines and activities, on the other hand, those on the Restricted List are those that will only get to view information that you post as Public. This is for people you are not particularly acquainted with and it is a more polite and discrete way of going about them instead of unfriend-ing and blocking them altogether. Your school, work place or other institutions that you are a part of will also elicit a list and there you will see what your comrades are up to more exclusively and free from distraction of non-related members.

In order for you to add people into a certain list, you can click on the Create List button on the upper right area of your friends list or http://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists to be more exact. Once you’ve clicked on that a pop up box will appear asking for a list name. In there you can decide what to name that list, e.g. Affiliate Partners and directly below a Members box is situated with a question “Who would you like to add on the list?” Upon clicking, you can start typing the first or last names of anyone you wish to include and their profile names and image will appear and by clicking on them you have already added a member, continuously doing that will allow you to add them.

Once you’ve done that, you can manage your lists by clicking the name. You will then see a more detailed page which include members you’ve added earlier and their updates. On the upper portion you will see a Manage List tab which will drop down and by clicking on the Updates to Show tab you can click on the certain updates that you want to be notified every time they post something new or elicit some form of Facebook activity.

The beauty of having lists is that you when you are about to share a link or post a photo you can choose a certain list without the hassle of handpicking who gets to see what and that’s done by clicking on the button beside the Post button. Another quick tip is by dragging your list over to the left hand side onto your Favorites section for your ease and accessibility.

Lena Wasserman teaches business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Six Pinterest Tips from the Social Media Gurus Uncovered

Social media has played a completely different part in everyday lives. From getting in touch with friends and family from all over the globe to its heavy role in changing the way businesses have functioned. Among the most common social media tools used, one of the latest and fastest growing network is Pinterest.
Pinterest was initially created as a tool for teachers to get and share new ideas and illustration materials for their students. Today, Pinterest has benefited thousands of business owners and personalities to get their product and services not only out in the public eye but to actually being shared, raved about, and recommended to others. Many Pinterest strategies have been discovered and utilized over the past months by social media experts and although some may seem to be very basic, they should never be underestimated since many successful entrepreneurs have flourished thanks to the simple concepts of “pinning”.
Here are some tips that anyone can fully understand and master in practice and in order to achieve the maximum potential of their Pinterest profiles. Use these major tips and take advantage of them to the best of your capacity and surely it will reap its rewards.
1. Quotes and pictures go a long way. Many people are always on the net searching for the best quotable quotes whether it’s for their personal use or for their own business. Websites such as PinWords.com are great tools for generating viral messages easily and conveniently.
2. Original content is best. Before posting common sales pitches or that used by generic business, always ask yourself if your content is original, eye-catching, fun and useful. Most people are looking for helpful articles and tips and Pinterest is your gateway to engaging them and adding traffic to your site.
3. Responsible re-pins are crucial. Before you hit that “re-pin” button, make sure that you are always clicking through it and ensuring that the data is credible and respectful. What you re-pin tells a lot about your own self and beliefs, so re-pin wisely.
4. Always find the right tools that suit your needs and when you’re in doubt, there is always a search engine that completes your queries. Whether it’s in the form of a plug-in such as PinSearch or TinEye, you can always find ways to uncover what you’re looking for without having to go through hundreds of unrelated content.
5. Find your niche board. Creating boards has been made much more fun thanks to Pinterest so make yours a great one, adding a unique name or fill it with fun and new content will drive people to constantly looking out for new posts and provide you with ever flowing followers.
6. Mix it up with other social networks. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other closely related social network will boost the traffic and follower numbers. Aside from adding a pin and just letting it go off on its own, promote it using your other social networks and you will soon see how speedy the results of an eager crowd will be.

Lena Wasserman teaches business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Mobile Marketing Experts

Mobile Marketing Experts: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Building your own business may seem easy in the beginning but when reality checks in, you realize that businesses don’t run on dreams alone. A lot of hard work, perseverance, and determination go into play when a business is being built for success. This goes the same with small businesses. With today’s economy, going into a business venture is really a gamble. A business owner needs all the help he or she can get. Being able to market her product or company is one sure way of getting a business a head start at tough competition. Here then are marketing tips for small business to help you build success.

Know Your Market

Whatever product, service, or company you have built, knowing your market is very important. Are you targeting young mothers? Are you looking to get teenagers to buy your goods? Are the elderly your target market? Knowing the specific group of people you want to know about your small business will help you to decide on how to effectively market and sell your business to them. For instance, the elderly will most likely still stick to traditional marketing strategies such as flyers in the mail whereas teenagers and young mothers would go social media marketing, mobile marketing, and the like.

Know Your Niche

Being able to find a niche is a sure way of getting a percentage of your target market instantly. Finding a business that isn’t populated as much will be easier to handle and easier to market. If the services you are offering for example are a forte that not a lot of companies offer, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Cultivate your niche and make it easier for your small business to succeed.

Communicate Your Value to Customers

Highlighting your value, what you offer, and what you can give to customers is very important. Again the means of communication is very important. Whether you decide to go with social media, flyers and leaflets, phone brigade, etc. – being able to communicate your value to customers is an important factor in the success of your small business.

Mobile Marketing Experts

Hiring professionals to do the social marketing for you will be a good idea. LWG Social Media Marketing for example can handle social media marketing, mobile marketing, reputation management, reputation repair, and so much more. If you’re looking for social media marketing experts, mobile marketing experts, and Orlando social media marketing experts, contact Lena Wasserman of LWG Social Media Marketing who can do the social media marketing for your business. Put your worries to rest as experience and knowledge is at their side. Probably one of the hardest things to do is to market your business effectively to get your business known. But with LWG Social Media Marketing, you can put your worries aside.

Finding ways to market and make your small business successful shouldn’t be that hard with these simple tips. With perseverance and smart business moves, you’re on your way to business success.

Lena Wasserman shows business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Orlando Social Media Marketing Experts

Orlando Social Media Marketing Experts: Great Marketing Tips

If you’re wondering how to kick off your business into popularity and success, marketing is the answer. Orlando social media marketing experts would agree that being able to market your business well is a key factor in the success of every business. Whether you have a small or big business, your popularity among your target market will determine your business’ success. Get some great marketing tips from the experts and discover how you and your business can finally earn successfully. Read on and get great marketing ideas that have worked for many businesses.

Use the Mail

This age old marketing technique has worked for years. You’ll never really know who can use your products or services so why not take a chance? Put some of your flyers even in your outgoing mail and you’ll be surprised at who responds. It won’t cost you that much but this marketing technique still works.

Face to Face with Clients

Having real time, face time with prospective clients is also a good marketing strategy. Having seminars or an open house will be a good idea for this. Being able to talk to people directly about what you are selling will help to get their interest right away. Being able to show them your actual product will also do the same.

Social Media Marketing

The marketing of today consists of social media. With technology improving by the day and people going online most of the time, being able to reach your target market through social media is also very important. Social media marketing has become essential. It’s cheap and it’s effective. Look into LWG Social Media Marketing for all your social media marketing needs. With a great team of Orlando social media marketing experts, LWG Social Media Marketing will be able to handle every challenge hurdled at them. Whether it’s mobile marketing, reputation management, or reputation repair – LWG Social Media Marketing has both experience and knowledge to do so.

Lena Wasserman

With more than 30 years of experience, with clients in various markets, and with knowledge in social media marketing, Lena Wasserman has built LWG Social Media Marketing to help growing businesses and expanding businesses alike. Able to reach a multitude of clients and possible clients through various social media networks, LWG social Media Marketing has become well known for their successful marketing strategies. Being mobile marketing experts and social media marketing experts, more and more companies are entrusting their marketing to LWG Social Media Marketing.


Newsletters are an effective way for you to get marketing done. You can send newsletters to past clients or to people who join your mailing list online. This is a good way to retain old clients and to get new ones. Send information about promotions and other good deals that will help your company succeed.

Whether you have a small or large scale business, being able to have a good marketing strategy will help to make your business grow and succeed. Take these marketing tips to heart and see the success it brings.

Lena Wasserman shows business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: How to Get Your Business to Become Well Known

One of the challenges of starting your own business is getting your business to become well known. And that is the goal of many. But what do you do? Advertisement is very expensive. If you’ve got the budget, then why not? But being a small business, there’s probably just enough budget for social media marketing. In today’s high-tech world, social media marketing is the way to go anyways so why not take that route instead of the traditional yet expensive route? Newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio plugs – these all cost big bucks. If you’ve got a small business, don’t have enough budget for traditional advertisements, and you want to get well known, read on.

Orlando Social Media Marketing Experts

Social media marketing is the new trending way to get exposure for your small business. It’s not that expensive and with the right tools and people to handle your marketing efforts, you’ll get more business that you have ever expected in a shorter amount of time. Usually getting a stable number of clients to get to know your company, product, or service will take quite a bit of time. But with Orlando social media marketing experts, you’ll get there in no time. The challenge is choosing the right people to help you out.

Go With Experience and Expertise

Do your research and do it well. Look into Social media marketing experts who have already made a name for themselves, who have a list of happy clients, and who can really take your business to the next level. LWG Social Media Marketing is a social media marketing expert that can do wonders for small businesses. Able to do social marketing, mobile marketing, reputation management, reputation repair, and so much more – LWG Social Media Marketing is known for getting the job done, and getting it done well.

Mobile Marketing Experts

Led by Lena Wasserman, LWG Social Media Marketing will be able to tap into the World Wide Web and get into various social media networks to get your small business known to your target market. It will take a lot of work but having done this for more than 30 years, it has become second nature for her and her company to do so.

Getting Your Name Online

As everyone (almost) is online, getting the name of your business online is very important. Having a website is not enough. People need to visit your site. You need to be able to drive traffic to your site to get clients. So how do you do so? Once again, this is the job of social media marketing experts. They will be able to bring traffic to your website, your facebook account, and other social media apps. Get your name known online and you’ve won half the battle at getting your business well known.

Look into these simple tips to make a success out of your small business. The earlier you start your work on social media marketing, the faster the benefits will be. Remember that everyone now is on social media and this is what you need to tap to get ahead of the game.

Lena Wasserman shows business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


Social Media Marketing for Business

Facebook offers exceptional, low cost marketing opportunities for small business. Facebook now has over 300 million users, and while that seems like an outrageous number for small businesses to be targeting, Facebook offers a very powerful platform on which to build a presence.

Twitter has grown tremendously over the past year. For some small businesses, it offers an incredible marketing platform. BusinessWeek’s recent profile of 20 ways businesses use Twitter might give you some ideas about how you can leverage Twitter for your business.

Although there’s more attention focused today on social networks than on company blogs, blogs continue to offer great value for small businesses.

LinkedIn is a business oriented social network for professionals, and it’s huge, with nearly 50 million users from over 200 countries.

It might seem counter-intuitive for you to spend your valuable time by participating in discussions on other people’s blogs, but the payoff can be very valuable.

Yelp publishes millions of reviews about local businesses. Foursquare is a combination city-guide, friend finder and competitive game.

Whether or not you are a party to the conversations, people will talk about your company.

Multimedia (video, photos, audio) is a bit more complicated for many small businesses to execute, but can provide excellent social media marketing opportunities.

We’ve discussed only a small handful of social networks. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of others, and new ones spring up every day. That means that your customers will have many different ways to find you.

One of the best ways for small businesses to leverage social media marketing is to use various social networks in combination with each other.


Carmaker Increases Leads With QR Codes

A recent case study was performed by Toyota to see if using emerging mobile techololgy would increase web traffic, leads with QR codes. Toyota developed a campaign which ultimately drove traffic by creating a campaign which included the use of the 2-D barcode also known as a QR code. By scanning the QR code it drove traffic to the car company’s website and integrated social media sites. The results were very positive!

Carmaker increases web traffic, leads with emerging mobile technologies. In May 2011, Toyota launched a campaign for the 2012 Corolla targeting an


It is evident that using QR codes has increased the carmaker’s web traffic, and leads. Utilizing this emerging mobile technology and integrating into Toyota’s social networks had proven successful. It is apparent that Toyota is going to expand it’s use of QR codes in the near future. If you would like to share your companies experience using QR codes and mobile technology, please visit and like our Facebook page .

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Salvation Army Accepting Donations Using QR codes

How often do we leave our home without any loose change, smartpone owners rarely leave their home without it. In an effort to capitalize, the Salvation Army is counting on it. The Salvation Army has teamed up and created a QR code that will let donors give conveniently using their credit card. It also will allow them to sign up for their newsletters and share with social media.

Teaming up with Graphic Creations, they developed a QR code that will let donors give conveniently using their credit card. They can also follow the charity’s various social media and sign up for newsletters. “The technology is real simple,” explains

It is true that only about 9 percent of people survey know what a QR code is, the percent of smartphone users who understand 2D codes is growing. This fact is proof that QR codes will continue to grow and so will their applications. We are only touching the surface and look forward to many more innovative applications in the very near future.

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