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Mobile Marketing Experts: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Building your own business may seem easy in the beginning but when reality checks in, you realize that businesses don’t run on dreams alone. A lot of hard work, perseverance, and determination go into play when a business is being built for success. This goes the same […]


Carmaker Increases Leads With QR Codes

A recent case study was performed by Toyota to see if using emerging mobile techololgy would increase web traffic, leads with QR codes. Toyota developed a campaign which ultimately drove traffic by creating a campaign which included the use of the 2-D barcode also known as a QR code. By scanning the QR code it […]


Salvation Army Accepting Donations Using QR codes

How often do we leave our home without any loose change, smartpone owners rarely leave their home without it. In an effort to capitalize, the Salvation Army is counting on it. The Salvation Army has teamed up and created a QR code that will let donors give conveniently using their credit card. It also will […]


Mobile Marketing Tips To Help Increase Your Business

As businesses are now starting to use mobile marketing to deliver their promotional perks to their customers, it is important to deliver these messages carefully to avoid common mobile marketing mistakes. Using bulk SMS is an excellent mobile marketing tool is done the correct way. Reviewing the common mobile marketing mistakes can help your business […]


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