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Facebook and Art of Smart Lists

Facebook seems to be only getting better with age. Although some may seem dazed and confused about the seemingly constant changes, but a little Facebook 101 education thanks to frequent experimentation and information shared by the staff of Facebook, soon you’ll find yourself in a new and improved social networking playground.

Among the new changes, there is the innovation of the “Lists” and with a couple of research to back me up on this, here we have a more comprehensive guide on Facebook Lists.

First off, you’re probably wondering where the lists are and what its importance is. You can access your “Smart Lists” as Facebook refers to by hovering on the Friends section on the left side of your homepage and by tapping on More. The reason why these lists are called smart lists is because Facebook has pre-filled certain categories according to how they see your interactions with certain people fit. There is are ready made and empty lists such as: Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Restricted list. In there you can add people accordingly and soon you’ll see that those in your Close Friends group enable you to see almost all updates about their respective timelines and activities, on the other hand, those on the Restricted List are those that will only get to view information that you post as Public. This is for people you are not particularly acquainted with and it is a more polite and discrete way of going about them instead of unfriend-ing and blocking them altogether. Your school, work place or other institutions that you are a part of will also elicit a list and there you will see what your comrades are up to more exclusively and free from distraction of non-related members.

In order for you to add people into a certain list, you can click on the Create List button on the upper right area of your friends list or http://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists to be more exact. Once you’ve clicked on that a pop up box will appear asking for a list name. In there you can decide what to name that list, e.g. Affiliate Partners and directly below a Members box is situated with a question “Who would you like to add on the list?” Upon clicking, you can start typing the first or last names of anyone you wish to include and their profile names and image will appear and by clicking on them you have already added a member, continuously doing that will allow you to add them.

Once you’ve done that, you can manage your lists by clicking the name. You will then see a more detailed page which include members you’ve added earlier and their updates. On the upper portion you will see a Manage List tab which will drop down and by clicking on the Updates to Show tab you can click on the certain updates that you want to be notified every time they post something new or elicit some form of Facebook activity.

The beauty of having lists is that you when you are about to share a link or post a photo you can choose a certain list without the hassle of handpicking who gets to see what and that’s done by clicking on the button beside the Post button. Another quick tip is by dragging your list over to the left hand side onto your Favorites section for your ease and accessibility.

Lena Wasserman teaches business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


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