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Six Pinterest Tips from the Social Media Gurus Uncovered

Social media has played a completely different part in everyday lives. From getting in touch with friends and family from all over the globe to its heavy role in changing the way businesses have functioned. Among the most common social media tools used, one of the latest and fastest growing network is Pinterest.
Pinterest was initially created as a tool for teachers to get and share new ideas and illustration materials for their students. Today, Pinterest has benefited thousands of business owners and personalities to get their product and services not only out in the public eye but to actually being shared, raved about, and recommended to others. Many Pinterest strategies have been discovered and utilized over the past months by social media experts and although some may seem to be very basic, they should never be underestimated since many successful entrepreneurs have flourished thanks to the simple concepts of “pinning”.
Here are some tips that anyone can fully understand and master in practice and in order to achieve the maximum potential of their Pinterest profiles. Use these major tips and take advantage of them to the best of your capacity and surely it will reap its rewards.
1. Quotes and pictures go a long way. Many people are always on the net searching for the best quotable quotes whether it’s for their personal use or for their own business. Websites such as PinWords.com are great tools for generating viral messages easily and conveniently.
2. Original content is best. Before posting common sales pitches or that used by generic business, always ask yourself if your content is original, eye-catching, fun and useful. Most people are looking for helpful articles and tips and Pinterest is your gateway to engaging them and adding traffic to your site.
3. Responsible re-pins are crucial. Before you hit that “re-pin” button, make sure that you are always clicking through it and ensuring that the data is credible and respectful. What you re-pin tells a lot about your own self and beliefs, so re-pin wisely.
4. Always find the right tools that suit your needs and when you’re in doubt, there is always a search engine that completes your queries. Whether it’s in the form of a plug-in such as PinSearch or TinEye, you can always find ways to uncover what you’re looking for without having to go through hundreds of unrelated content.
5. Find your niche board. Creating boards has been made much more fun thanks to Pinterest so make yours a great one, adding a unique name or fill it with fun and new content will drive people to constantly looking out for new posts and provide you with ever flowing followers.
6. Mix it up with other social networks. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other closely related social network will boost the traffic and follower numbers. Aside from adding a pin and just letting it go off on its own, promote it using your other social networks and you will soon see how speedy the results of an eager crowd will be.

Lena Wasserman teaches business owners how to increase their exposure and sales with Social Media and Mobile Marketing through building know, like and trust. She has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. http://lwgsocialmediamarketing.com/


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